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The EX50/1000 35W KrF Laser

For applications requiring high repetition rate and moderate average power, when you need a compact air or water cooled laser, the EX50 is the choice. The EX50 excimer laser offers state of the art performance in a compact package. The EX50 provides a highly reliable powerful source of ultraviolet radiation. Four models with repetition rates up to 250Hz, 500Hz  and 750Hz  are available with average powers to 35W with KrF at 248nm and 18W with ArF at 193nm. Long gas lifetime gives up to 1 year of operation between refills with XeCl. For applications in precision micromachining, tunable laser pumping, marking and semiconductor processing.

The EX50 laser is a total metal/ceramic device of advanced design. The carefully selected materials used in the laser construction give the EX50 static and dynamic gas lifetimes unmatched by any other excimer laser.


bullet Pulsed laser deposition
bullet Ionization
bullet Micromachining

Key Benefits

bullet Up to 750Hz repetition rate
bullet Internal vacuum pumps and Halogen filter
bullet High Power in a compact package
bullet High reliability long life laser chamber
bullet Excellent pulse to pulse stability
bullet 1 Billion pulse optics service
bullet Soft Corona preionization


Wavelength nm 157 193 248 308 351
Energy Max. mJ 2.5 35 50 22 20
Average Power @250Hz .5 5 10 5 5
Average Power @500Hz 1 10 20 10 9
Repetition Rate      250/500/750
Dynamic gas lifetime Pulses to 50% energy 15E6 25E6 35E6 30E6 30E6
Shelf life Approx. to 50% energy 15 days 90 days 120 days >1 Year 120 Days
Pulse Length 10 17-20 nS
Beam Size    9 X 4 mm
Stability  <2% Standard Deviation
Tube Service           3 Billion Pulses
Divergence .8 X 1.6 mRad full angle
Cooling                         Air/Water
Window Service 300E6 500E6 >1 billion 200E6 300E6

     Download EX50 data sheet in .pdf format

     Download EX50 Dimensional Drawing

     Download EX50 Beam Profile



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bullet EX50 stability at 250Hz, 45mJ with KrF. Standard deviation of 0.92% in 5000 pulses. Max./Min. 43.2mJ/46.3mJ
bullet Click here for the Industrial version of the EX50

 * Maximum energy is approximately 20% lower for 1kHz lasers